Mesra Alam Sendirian Berhad (MASB) was established in 2007 being a fully bumiputera-owned company, primarily to seize opportunities within the local market trade in the Oil & Gas industry.We specialize in the supply market of Inherent Flame Resistant (IFR) workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Over the years, We have built a good reputation by continuously striving towards minimizing risk and promoting health and safety to those who are working in potentially hazardous environment. MASB have achieved a number of milestones that increased our capabilities as a local bruneian company, which provided us a window of opportunity for local production due to the growing awareness in the significant demand for inherent flame resistant work wear. We represent the most iconic flame resistant fabric Lenzing FR ; renowned for its emphasis on quality and protection. With transference of technology and experience, we are able to provide Inherenet Flame Resistant (IFR) work wear that adheres to the Brunei Weather ; comfort and durability with maximum protection against heat stress. In brief, MASB specialize in the production and supply of IFR workwear ranging from coverall, jacket and trouser, headscarf, neck/face cover and under garment. Aside from Inherent Fire Resistant (IFR) fabric, our production of work wear comes in other material as well ; Poly-cotton and Cotton twill. We also carry a selection of Head-to toe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and embroidery services, which all are done in-house. At Mesra Alam Sendirian Berhad, We continue to do our groundwork and encourage our clients to voice out their suggestions as well as market survey in order to develop our product to increase its pratically while maintaining our solid brand recognition with integrity and high quality standard.

Store Details

1 Kuala Belait Branch

Suite 20, Bangunan Haji Hassan Haji Abdul Ghani , Jalan Jaya Negara , Kampong Pekan Belait, Kuala Belait, Belait, KA1521

General 1   3 226161
General 2   8 626161
Fax   3 331616

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